Our core values and goals are to focus on educating and advocating for Deaf communities in developing countries and help jump start the advancement of Deaf lives. To do this, we will need passionate volunteers that are active in the Deaf community such as Sign Language Interpreters, ASL teachers, Deaf professionals, Deaf educators, CODA’s and more.

Recognize the Social Responsibility to Pay it Forward

Here at D-E-A-F we acknowledge Deafness as a cultural identity and the importance of speaking up to educate communities on language accessibility. By getting involved, we provide resources such as skilled volunteers with professional and personal experiences. We rely on active volunteers to be passionate about the advancement of Deaf people’s lives and realize the impact they can make by getting involved.

Work Jointly with Deaf Community Leaders

D-E-A-F will maintain close contact with Deaf leaders across the island to learn about current issues that need to be addressed. This way, the organization will stay informed about areas of concern that need continued attention.


Deaf Empowerment Abroad Foundation
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“Accessibility Opens a World of Opportunities”

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