Each year we are guided by the needs of the Deaf community we serve. Working in partnership with the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, Deaf Can! Coffee, and the Abilities Foundation, providing sign language accessible and barrier free activities to nurture Deaf Pride and self-worth. Putting sponsorship dollars to work by bringing in positive Deaf, role models the students can relate to.

I A.M. Deaf Pride

I  A.M. Deaf Pride, offers Inspiration, Affirmation, and Motivation through acknowledging Deafness as a cultural identity and supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in their Deaf identity embracing journey.

AF CosPro D&AHug Track & Field Day

Abilities Foundation Cosmetology Program


Track & Field Day

Claudia & Doug

Happy Campers!


Claudia Gordan & Douglas Ridloff

Sami Fahad - Film Maker

Robert Zambrana - NASA

Results: March 2018 Kingston, at the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf,  45 Deaf students and staff.  Five Deaf professionals including the first Deaf Black female attorney in the United States, International Deaf Poet, Deaf DJ , Deaf Film maker and Deaf  NASA employee contributed their talents. Not only was this the first Deaf affirming camp, it was the first ever camp presented and lead fully in Sign Language for Deaf! The impact on the students, as stated by Blake Widmer, founder of Deaf Can! Coffee, “WAS EPIC!”

DeafFest Camp

DeafFest Camp 2019, was the first ALL Deaf, full language access 7-day camp in Jamaica’s history! The 7-day camp theme was fostered via the arts and biblical worldview. The exploration and self-expression through the arts included workshops lead by positive and relatable Deaf role models. If we tell children they can accomplish anything, those words only have meaning once those children have the resources to believe in themselves, embrace their identity and pursue their dreams.

Results: July 2019 Knockpatrick, Manchester, at Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf (CCCD). 62 Deaf and Hard of Hearing campers, 35 volunteers/staff. Five Deaf professionals including a DJ, Dancers, Photographer, Entrepreneurs and a Mental Health Counselor all contributed their time and talents. Campers came from several of the Deaf schools from across the island including, CCCD Kingston Campus, CCCD Knockpatrick Campus, CCCD Montego Bay Campus, Jamaican Christian School Eden District, JAD Portland Unit, JAD Port Antonio, and Lister Mair Gibly Kingston.