Offer Resources of Empowerment to Underserved Deaf Communities in Jamaica

D-E-A-F will offer a variety of resources and ideas to schools, work environments and other communities that are currently lacking in providing language accessibility.

Raising Awareness of Disability Acts and Rights

In 2014, the Jamaica Disability Act was successfully passed, making it a big accomplishment for the disabled community island-wide. However, the law is rarely enforced due to lack of knowledge and understanding of how the act works within the Deaf community. This is quite common in many developing countries where accessibility rights are often ignored and not exercised.

Awareness and Prevention of Deaf Child Abuse

Our volunteers will educate the communities on how to recognize signs that a Deaf child is being abused and ways to prevent the abuse. With this awareness, we hope to greatly reduce violence on Deaf children that often goes overlooked and ignored in communities.

Educating Medical Community on the Importance of Language Barrier Removal

Many Deaf patients go in and out of hospitals without any proper or clear communication from their health professionals. The language barrier between a health professional and a Deaf patient can provide dangerous results as Deaf patients may not understand the proper instructions for medicine dosage, are unable to tell doctors their allergies or symptoms, and find themselves in many other unforeseeable scenarios. D-E-A-F can offer assistance to medical clinics and facilities on the appropriate interpreting and/or communication services available when treating a Deaf patient.


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